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Key Features

Learn how to make business plan
Get chance to pitch your Business Plan .
certified by IIM Rohtak

Program Overview

What will this program make me learn?
IIM Faculty has kept important learnings on top priorities for entrepreneurs. A great startup starts with a great idea and tasked to discover new opportunities and innovations, solution to people problems, an idea the need of others.

The program is more focused on developing very important skill sets in an entrepreneur, Time Management, Strategic Thinking, Efficiency, Resilience, Communication, Great Leadership, Networking, Branding, Marketing & sales, Team Management. Program will also be focused on legal foundations, Intellectual properties, Finance and Risk Management, new venture Growth Strategies, Building a new venture,

Risk Management, business Plan, business Valuation and pitch for funding to investors is an outstanding part of the program.

Who this program is for ?
Entrepreneurs are frequently thought of as national assets to be cultivated, motivated, and remunerated to the greatest possible extent. Great entrepreneurs have the ability to change the world. Innovations may improve standards of living, cerate employment and contribute to a growing economy.

It is very important to develop creativity, adaptability, change, analytics, decision making, risk analytics and right time pitch for next to be an effective entrepreneur.

The program absolutely designed for entrepreneurs or for those are seeking to be an entrepreneur one fine day. IIM Faculty has kept important learnings in focus to develop skills of converting idea’s, design thinking, execution of thoughts, and effective way to present business plans to investors.

Starts On

3.5 Months

Program Fee
60,000 + GST


Best-in-class content by leading Faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects


  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship.
  • Positioning as an Entrepreneur - Starting Your own Business.
  • Understanding Business Models for Start-Ups.
  • Opportunity Identification & Generating Ideas.
  • Innovation and Creativity as Source of Opportunity.

  • Industry and Competitor Analytics.
  • Legal Foundation for Start-Up.
  • Contract Act & SLA.
  • Procurement & Tendering.
  • Intellectual Property case Study.

  • Finance flows for Start-Ups.
  • Information Technology Structuring for Start-UP.
  • Marketing strategies & Analytics.
  • Growth Strategy Management.

  • Game Theory Approach - New Venture.
  • Human Capital Acquisition & Management.
  • Risk Management & Analytics.
  • Business Valuation and Processes.

  • Business Plan for Funding Pitch.
  • Exit Strategies and Processes.
  • Business Plan Pitch to Investor Forum at IIM Rohtak Campus for Funding.

Weekly Projects


AI enabled job platform, to help you find the best career oppurtunity
Build a network of like-minded individuals via a powerful
Showcase your project via a platform for potentials recruiters and investors.
Get access to curated NEWS and industry trends

Group Enrollement

GroUP : Power in Numbers

Our group enrollment option extends specialized benefits to an individual and offer an opportunity to earn while enrolling in the program. Even if you are not a part of the program and wanted to refer your buddy who will make money for you.

Under this Group Enrollment Scheme, you can enroll as a group of employees/family members/friends and you could avail a lot of benefits including a customized prize plan, a dedicated personal group during the entire program and a lot more at a very low price per individual.

Our other objective to initiate GroUP to create part time job opportunities and give boost to Executive Education. The initiative opens up opportunities for those who like to help / mentor others and give right career guidance, while have motivation to earn out of the servies

So, if you are willing to provide a healthy future to your group but are puzzled about what should you do and where should you go, we have the solution of all your questions!

Answer: Group enrollment is an initiative specially made for buddies do things together. It is also an opportunity for many wanted to take opportunity as part time job and earn while counselling friends, relatives, colleges and family members.

Answer: Group enrollment is the best arrangement as it gives an opportunity to an individual to learn in groups, and monetary benefits to brand it look good and beneficial.

Answer: Your hard work of spreading awareness among your peers will pay you two benefits. One, as become the reason of others career growth and second is the pay cheque. Your will have cash

  • GroUP with friends will get the entire group monitory benefits, your counsellor will give you more information on it.
  • Take this opportunity as part time job and earn regular basis. On every enrollment you will have a pay cheque credited in your bank account.


Admission Process

Online Application Open

Screening & Shortlisting


Final Apporoval





No Cost EMI at ₹15,000/month (Inclusive of all taxes)*
(Applicable to people residing in India)

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6 M

9 M

12 M

18 M

Loan Interest

10% of Principle

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What’s Included in the Price?

Benefits/ Features
  • Certificate from IIM Rohtak.
  • Opportunity to pitch business idea to investors.
  • Campus visit fee will be over an above the total program fee.

Frequently Asked questions ❓

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Answer: Fill the online profile application, answer the important questions to let selection committee know more about your profile, Application fee is applicable.

Answer: Yes, you do have chance to appear for scholarship, Please establish a contact with a strategic counselor for more information on it.

Answer: You can beak the entire program fee in 3 part payments and pay OR may go for education loan facility and go for 1 year , 2 years EMI options.

Answer: It is all technology driven hence you need to have basic internet , a laptop, tablet , mobile with active CAM and MIC.

Answer: All sessions are live and interactive hence you will have direct interactions with faculty members, batch mates as all attending the session at one place.

Answer: You do not have to worry about it as upTop LMS make sure to record every live session and make it available 24*7 in your LMS access. The LMS carry all recoded sessions, program roadmap, study materiel , case studies, PPT, notes, assessments , quizzes , rewards , points, EMI tracker.

Answer: All live session and campus visit must only be delivered on weekends to make sure not interruption to working schedule.