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Key Features

Executive Alumni Status of XLRI
Executive Alumni Status University of Washington - Bothell School of Business
PG certificate from both XLRI And University of Washington-Bothell School Of Business
Industry 4.O version.
Driving the Digital Transformation of Businesses
Lectures Imparted by Industry Experts
Weekend classes for working professional.
Designed for HR, IT, Finance, General management, Marketing, Operations and CXO level.
Pedagogy - Capstone Projects, Case Studies

Program Overview

Digital transformation has been vital in countering the disruption of work and business environment, and nearly all businesses ensured that efforts are put in this area to meet the rapid shift. According to Dell’s Digital Transformation Index 2020, which surveyed over 4000 business leaders globally Eight in ten organizations fast-tracked their digital transformation programmes in 2020, 89% of the respondents mentioned that the pandemic emphasized the necessity of a more agile and scalable IT environment. It is apparent that in this neo digital world, technology is no longer an option to choose from, but it is a vital business strategy that must be entwined into every part of an organization. Transformation can not only facilitate improved alliance within and among organizations but also can assure the development of more tailored ways of customer engagement, advanced employee innovation and productivity, lastly, it would provide accurate insights from data, all of which will help a business to grow and give it a better chance of flourishing in the digital era.
The content of the program will revolve around Digital Transformation, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Technology Market leadership, Strategy and IoT. 58% of the course will be taken up by the University of Washington Faculty, with about 30% being taken by the XLRI Faculty. The remaining course will be taken up by CXO level industry mentors from Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Amazon, and Mckinsey & Company. Participants leave with a set of practical frameworks, relevant case studies, and the first draft of their own roadmap for digital transformation.

Starts On
May 2021

Program Focus:
Strategic Digital Transformation & Analytics

Program Type:


Best-in-class content by leading Faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases, projects and live classes


Internet of Things
  • What is IoT and what are their applications?
  • IoT Applications by Industries(Agriculture, Consumer Use, Healthcare)
  • IoT Applications by Industries(Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail)
  • IoT Applications by Industries(Transportation, Utilities/Energy)
  • The future of IoT and its association with technologies like ITIL, Blockchain & Big Data

Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation Competition & Strategy
  • Digital Strategy Through Analytics
  • DNA of Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation of Business Processes
  • Managing Digital Risk
  • Covid Digital Transformation Design Challenge
  • Digital Transformation of Services
  • Co-Creation of Digital Value-1

Analytics and Fintech
  • Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI
  • Common Techniques of Predictive Analytics
  • Unstructured Analytics-2
  • Robotic Process Automation @ Microsoft- The Finance Perspective

  • Technology Environment & Its Impacts
  • Current and Emerging Technologies
  • Project Framework Introduction
  • Project Intensive
  • Technology and Market Leadership
  • Project Lab Intensive
  • Focused Project Consultation

Change Management
  • Organizational Culture, Diversity and Ethics
  • Creating Synergies
  • Strategic Frameworks for Creating Change

  • Executive PG Certificate in Digital Transformation & Business Analytics from XLRI Delhi NCR.
  • Alumni status of XLRI.
  • Live projects to work on.
  • XLRI Delhi NCR campus immersion.
University of Washington Certificate Sample
  • Executive PG Certificate in Digital Transformation & Business Analytics from University of Washington.
  • Alumni status of University of Washington.
  • Live projects to work on.

Frequently Asked questions ❓

Answer: You will be given a PG Certificate in Digital Transformation and Business Analytics from XRLI Delhi NCR Campus. Another PG Certificate from University of Washington – Bothell School of Business

Answer: Yes you have an executive alumni status of both business schools.

Answer: Yes, please refer to program faculty section.

Answer: The program is oriented towards Industry 4.0 and jointly developed by XLRI - Delhi NCR & University of Washington - Bothell School of Business. Expert sessions by mentor's from McKinsey, MicroSoft, Google, Amazon & Oracle.

Answer: Yes, Loan assistance is provided.

Answer: upTop ( Universal Potential & Talent Optimization Platform) is the authorized program partner for XLRI - Delhi NCR campus. We shall be taking care of selection & admission process.

Answer: Selection will be based on profile and interview; seat allotment process will follow (FIFO process).


To comprehend how traditional company can strive with digital technology firms born on the Internet, as a manager how can one embrace digitalization and innovation, to garner knowledge about how decision-making can rely heavily on insights gained from gathered data and how digital know-hows such as analytics and social media can be used to boost your organization productivity.

As a Professional how to choose the path of digital transformation for either redesigning how the value is delivered or to understand what has to be delivered, this could include adoption of available cloud-based tools to operate software or build and seamlessly integrate new applications, store/retrieve, and understand data in the right perspective to ensure customer/partner and employee experience with a robust feedback instrument.

Answer: Change Management, Strategy Building, Success measurement, Artificial intelligence, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Internet of thing.

Answer: Digital Strategy, IT Modernization, Change Management, Digital Business Processes, Social Media Management,

Programming Languages and Tools Covered


Who Should Apply?

Prerequistes Before Applying to this program
  • A bachelor's degree or equivalent in any discipline as recognized by their respective resident countries

  • In the case of foreign candidates, the interview would be through virtual platforms.

  • Selection exercise would be carried out in multiple cycles are detailed elsewhere

  • See Detailed Requirements
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Admission Process

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Offer letter.


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What’s Included in the Price?

Benefits/ Features
  • Executive PG Dual Certificate in Digital Transformation & Business Analytics from XLRI - Delhi NCR & University of Washington.
  • Alumni Status of XLRI & University of Washington.
  • Capstone Project, Case Studies, Panel Discussions.
  • Industry 4.0 program.
  • Industry experts’ sessions from - Microsoft / Oracle / Google / Amazon

Feature Comparison

Take Away XLRI & University of Washington Other Programs
Dual Certification Yes No
Industry Expert Involvement Yes No
GPA Provided Yes No
Campus Visit 2 Days No
Convocation Yes No
International Certification Yes No
Panel Discussions Yes No
Industry Experts McKinsey, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Oracle. No
Capstone Project Yes No